October 8th, 2003


Schwarzenegger picks person to head transition team. ick.

The person in charge of Schwarzenegger's transition team (and who will oversee the choices made for appointees) is David Dreier, a longtime, Pete Wilson-era Republican congressman from the San Gabriel valley in SoCal.

So, given that Dreier is basically handpicking Schwarzenegger's staff, it might be worth examining what his positions are on the issues...

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It's worth mentioning that Dreier was also a dupe of Katrina Leung, a Chinese spy who passed along nuclear secrets to the Chinese government while donating heavily to Dreier's political campaign. David Dreier liked Katrina Leung so much, in fact, that he appointed her as a voting member for California's Republican Party central committee.

It's bad enough having to deal with Schwarzenegger as governor, but I think we're going to see how much it sucks when we have to put up with all of his friends too...