October 6th, 2003


A shot in the arm... a kick in the pants.

Researchers in Australia have developped a 100% effective injectable male contraceptive. One injection every 3-4 months surpresses sperm production reliably and reversably. A tablet version of the contraceptive may be on the markets within 2-3 years, as well. One noted side effect is that it also seems to increase libido. (Too much of a good thing??!)

This, of course, means that condoms are *still* the only good method for preventing the spread of STDs... You'd think they'd have at least *some* STD immunizations available by now, wouldn't you?!

No ballot information, but previously registered to vote? Vote today!

Just a reminder -
If you have previously registered to vote at any time within the Bay Area, you can still vote in the recall election -- even if you haven't received any voting information in the mail for years.

What you need to do is go to the registrar of voters office for the county in which you were last registered. In many cases, they may have you registered to vote at an old address -- even an address from many years ago within that county. They can provide you a ballot right on the spot, and can update your registration records for you.

You can even vote today at your local registrar of voters -- I just did, and the lines were very short and moved fast, with voting booths available right on the premises. The procedures are the same as normal voting, with the exception that you must put your ballot into a provided envelope and sign and date it.

All the addresses and websites for your local registrar of voters are available here

joedecker adds:
"If you moved within the same Calif. county more than 15 days before the election and are still registered at the old address, you can vote as you've shown, or, with sufficient ID you can vote at the new polling place. More information is available on this page. In this case you'll be casting what is called a "provisional" ballot under the "fail safe" voting procedures, but despite the special handling you'll recieve, your vote will count just like everyone elses.

Another good rule, if your status as an eligible voter gets challenged in any voting situation, and you believe you are or may be voting legally, your election officiers should allow you to vote a provisional ballot, and you should take that opportunity."