September 30th, 2003


Justice Department Opens Investigation on White House Spy Leak.

White House staff ordered to "preserve all materials" related to the criminal investigation.

It seems pretty obvious that several people at the White House are responsible for leaking the identity of an undercover CIA employee, so the repeated denials from all levels of the White House seems to indicate that they'll try to stonewall the whole thing. Bush's tough talk on the matter is just that -- talk. Once more, he does his best to confirm and deny simultaniously, ultimately saying nothing.

Ever wondered what happens when an irresistable force hits an immovable object? I have a feeling that we're going to find out, albeit very slowly. With any luck, we can all watch the Bush regime slowly hemmorage and self-destruct under the weight of their own lies.

Sure hope that there are free refills on popcorn...

Sometimes, we can all use an extra hand.

A friend of mine forwarded details on a new Japanese sex toy my way, asking if I had ever seen anything like it before.

Um... nope. Not quite. Given that it goes for about $320 US, I'm not sure I will anytime soon.

Hm. I don't know about the controller / vibrating "hand massager" on the cord. Looks too much like a tampon... or perhaps a meat thermometer. Is it done yet?!

Source of the White House spy leak identified!

"Some of the journalists are saying privately that it was Karl Rove that I spoke to..."

A live report (RealPlayer) from Julian Borger of the Guardian reveals that, yes, Bush press secretary Karl Rove was the one who broke the law by revealing the identity of a CIA operative, but that the reporters in question aren't admitting it publicly yet, as to do so would reveal their source and undermine their credibility.

Two of these reporters identities are known -- one was Andrea Mitchell, and, of course, one was Robert Novak. I have to wonder whether these journalists have considered the fact that they weren't just talking to a source, but were, in fact, material witnesses to a crime, just as surely as if during the course of their conversation with him, Karl Rove had shot someone.

One has to wonder whether they could be charged for aiding and abetting a criminal act...