September 29th, 2003


A day at the Folsom Street Fair.

So, after finding parking, you start walking... you will do a lot of walking today, walking along the street until you come to the barricades blocking off traffic. You are greeted by friendly, helpful members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who will gladly accept your donation as you walk by. Past the entrance and up the street just a ways, you soon notice that things have changed quite a bit. The temperature and humidity have suddenly shot up noticeably, and lots of people are everywhere, most dressed in leather, some dressed in ornate costumes, some hardly dressed at all.

You see a circle of guys in leather gathered together, looking like something out of a Tom of Finland illustration. One of them is proudly showing off his large erect cock, glistening with lube in the midday sun, while being dutifully stroked and maintained by a smaller, admiring Asian man.

"Well, that didn't take long..." you think.

Welcome to the Folsom Street Fair -- the world's largest leather gathering.

My digital camera has been giving me some grief, but I snagged a few pictures on my cameraphone to share which are fit for general consumption...

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This is a good day for BitTorrent...

Many of you are probably familiar with BitTorrent, an application that, rather than slowing down your internet downloads by forcing you to pull data from busy, centralized servers, instead allows you to click on links and download files rapidly from whatever source is most rapid for you, including other BitTorrent users who have already downloaded the file in question.

Well, today I suspect they've been getting quite a bit of attention and loving, because there's a *LOT* of buzz out there for some rather large downloads, including the Fanimatrix, a jaw-dropping fan-made Matrix film, and the final theatrical trailer for Return of the King.

Normally, I'd point you towards a link where you can directly download these files, but I think I will save you time and save the people hosting these files for all of us some money by suggesting the following:

1> Download BitTorrent. It downloads rapidly, installation is a breeze and it will be well worth your time and effort.

2> Once you have BitTorrent installed, click on this link to download the Fanimatrix ( 170 MB) and on this link to download a high quality version of the new trailer for Return of the King (19 MB).

These are by no means small files, so they will still take a long time to download, but your downloading time should be considerably less by using BitTorrent. Best of all, you, by the very act of downloading the file yourself, will make it easier and quicker for others to download it too.

Just one more example of why P2P is a good thing. Personally, having worked hard back in the stone ages to address problems of getting corporate multimedia to work across a worldwide network, I'm looking forward to the day where every business makes use of these kinds of applications a standard. It's the right technical solution, no matter what Hollywood might think.

Buried Iraq story for the day.

It's sickening when US soldiers can fire upon a crowd of 500 protesters, killing a 10-year-old in the process, and only a handful of news sources report on it... and one of the British sources changes the headline from "US Troops Shoot Child" to "Bombers Kill US Soldier".

**update - several US sources are now reporting on this, but despite several witnessed accounts, the US denies that they fired the shots, claiming that someone in the crowd did the shooting.**

A few things seriously wrong with this picture:
1> US troops are firing on protesters with live ammunition. Not tear gas, not rubber bullets, but live ammo.

2> Of the two people hit, one died, and the other was hit very close to the heart. Nobody else was injured in the shoulder, arms, legs, etc. To me, this sounds a lot like the Israeli practice of ignoring proper procedures and shooting to kill.

Something tells me that if the US continues to attack protesters with lethal force, they will soon discover that the protesters have guns too.