September 25th, 2003


See? That's the problem with LiveJournal. There's no mojo, baby!

LiveJournal is on's list of the top 50 unsexy things.
#9 - LiveJournal
How I'm feeling: Bored.
Song stuck in my head: "Raspberry Beret."
Air of mystery that once surrounded me: Gone.
Ouch. Harsh. That doesn't mean they don't have a point, however.

As a response, I'm declaring Wednesday, October 1st to be the 1st annual "Cultivate an Aura of Mystery Day" -- a day that isn't for revealing all the sordid details of your life like some abbreviated laundry list of compatability, but for posting things that cultivate an aura of enigmatic mystery around you that leave us wanting more.

Slogan: "Cultivate an Aura of Mystery Day -- because it's what you *don't* say which makes me want to sexx0r you."

More Schwarzenegger nudes, shot by a familiar name...

In 1976, Arnold Schwarzenegger modelled for some very unrepublican nudes with a young Robert Mappplethorpe!

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Mapplethorpe, still a relative unknown back in 1976 and not yet at his artistic peak, shot at least two sessions with Schwarzenegger, including numerous nude photos. Most of these photographs are under lock and key by the estate of Robert Mapplethorpe in New York, which apparently has an arrangement with Schwarzenegger to keep them out of circulation for now.

For those who aren't aware of Mapplethorpe, he is probably best known for the controversy surrounding the homoerotic, BDSM, and irreligious themes surrounding his work, and was a target of Republicans during the 1980s, used by the Reagan administration as justification for slashing funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. Mapplethorpe, who died of AIDS in 1989, is viewed in retrospect as one of his generation's best photographers.

Pucca overload!

Excessively cute Flash animations from Korea that I hadn't seen before -- why is it that I have never heard of Pucca?! I think I may have seen some Pucca stuff in a store before, but somehow missed the animations though.

The animations actually mirror some of my favorite things, really :
Kissing, hottubs, dim sum, even more kissing, cute cats, rope bondage...

Really, if I met Pucca, I don't think I'd run away!

More Pucca available here, here, here, and several other places on the web...

Graham Norton is coming to America...!

Gay Irish comedian and talk show host Graham Norton has signed a deal with Comedy Central starting in June of next year to create an American version of "So Graham Norton". He will record an initial run of 13 hour-long shows for Comedy Central, featuring celebrity guests and racy reportage.

Simple advice on what Comedy Central needs to do in order to have a huge hit on their hands: don't change a thing.

Big shakes.

Had a nap this afternoon, woke up to hear that there were huge earthquakes in Japan. Fortunately they were off the shore of Hokkaido, generally away from large cities. No big tsunamis, either, but if you check out the NOAA Wave Watch, you can watch the waves resonate from Hokkaido and head west. *slosh!*

Did a directory search for Hokkaido on LiveJournal and found friedtoast is reporting on the quakes.

This boat on Hokkaido was lifted up onto the dock and left there by a large tidal wave... leaving me to wonder how the owner will get it back in the water. Do you do it the right way and try hiring a really big crane, or do you do it the quick way with a keg of Sapporo and a few dozen friends?

I think this lane might have to stay closed for a little while...

So, yes -- absolutely enormous earthquake, but located in a pretty safe place. It seems to be more of a curiosity than a disaster, really...