September 15th, 2003


today's example of political hypocrisy...

Colin Powell goes to site of where Kurds were gassed (...with chemical weapons that were developed in part by using chemical precursors that the US supplied to Iraq) ...and says that the world should have acted sooner.

Which might actually mean something if it were meant as an admission of US guilt, which of course it wasn't. What his speech was really trying to say is "Here is the proof of Iraq's chemical weapons."

Nevermind that the Iraqis had been gassing the Iranians for years prior to the gassing of the Kurds, using our chemicals and our intelligence to target Iran's human wave attacks. Nevermind that the Kurds were gassed in the context of a war between Iran and Iraq. Nevermind that many of the Kurds were actively supporting the enemy during a time of war. Nevermind the fact that there are serious questions whether Iraq actually did gas their own people.

Nevermind that this is 15 years later, and that the chemical weapons appear to have been disposed of. Nevermind that UN weapons inspectors accounted for the destruction of over 90% of Iraq's chemical weapons before the war, and had no proof that Iraq still had WMDs.

Nevermind that this war was started because Iraq was supposed to have WMDs... not just the potential to make them, but, as Colin Powell said, actual posession of "some of the most lethal weapons ever devised." Nevermind that when such weapons could not be found, the US specifically blocked UN weapons inspectors from going back into Iraq, choosing instead to create their own inspection team. And finally, nevermind that the report that our own inspectors have created has been indefinitely shelved due to lack of evidence. (Just goes to show that you should always create the evidence first before you start creating reports...)

But hey, Cheney says that we'll find those WMDs and establish the links between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Sure the government can create whatever evidence is needed, but really, it's not necessary. If you repeat a lie often enough, doesn't it become the truth sooner or later anyway?!