September 13th, 2003


Bush administration perpetuates the big lie overseas...

Holds solemn 9/11 memorial in Tikrit -- birthplace of Saddam -- covered by arab television... as if Saddam had anything whatsoever to do with 9/11.

So, why didn't the administration have them cover a memorial in Baghdad... or Basra... or Najaf? Why do they persist in such transparent attempts to mislead people? Hell, why don't they come clean with just how connected our Saudi Arabian allies were to the bombings? We can take it... can they?

An excuse for Bjork lyrics...

"In a tower of steel
Nature forges a deal
To raise wonderful hell
Like me
Like me

My name Isabel."

This is a *BIG* Cat 5 hurricane with 160 MPH sustained winds. The hurricane's path is currently focused on North Carolina, though it could hit as north as New Jersey. It could also catch the gulf stream and be pushed north and possibly away from shore, perhaps giving us a sequel to The Perfect Storm. Beautiful hi-res picture of the Isabel available here.

The evil part of me is hoping it makes landfall in Washington, DC, but then again, there are more republicans in the Carolinas and it might trash the tobacco harvest and actually save a few lives in the process. In the event of a hit on DC, the Bush administration would probably all run off to Mount Weather anyway. If you love your governments shadowy, then you'll *love* Mount Weather! *

* Huge Strangeloveian underground facility is invite only. Breeding applicants will be notified prior to arrival. DC residents need not apply.