August 13th, 2003


Following the dirt to its source...

I previously cited an article that Spy Magazine did in March 1992 on Arnold, but I couldn't find a copy of it online. Fortunately, one of the former staffers at SPY has a weblog and mentioned some of the details.

I searched through the archives of Usenet, and found some unbelievably scandalous rumors that nobody has talked about yet, but which have details that are particularly damning...

In 1995, there was a user on named Lacy H. Rich, Jr. who posted a bunch of insider gossip on the bodybuilding industry to the list that was so sordid and so far outside the regular subject matter for the list that the moderator banned accounts, only to find that Lacy would create new accounts with different email addresses. Some of the names/email accounts he used were LacyR, hr10316, synergy, blaster, and probably a few others.

However, Rich offered to let others see their evidence, who confirmed some of Lacy's statements. One of them, a

Lacy Rich's claims?! That he was the source of images and information for the SPY Magazine article, that he also was the source for a similar article that was released in a german newspaper about Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing in "After Dark", a magazine for homosexuals. Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't deny these stories, because the evidence was literally black & white.

Lacy Rich had numerous other claims, however, that were even more damning:

- That he also provided SPY Magazine with pictures and information indicating that Arnold Schwartzenegger was paid $1000 by Paco Arce -- a homosexual, bodybuilding enthusiast, and one of Spain's wealthiest men -- to serve as an escort and/or perform sexual acts.

, that they also supplied SPY with nude pictures of Arnold in Spain with gay millionaire Paco Arce. That Paco claimed to pay Arnold Schwarzenegger $1,000 back in 1969, and that Arnold Schwarzenegger was basically hired by wealthy gay men, including Merv Griffin. (Incidentally, there are several other reports out there of Merv Griffin being interested in professional bodybuilders.

LacyR specifically claimed to be the source for SPY Magazine's article,

Lacy also claims that Arnold wrecked a vehicle in California back in 1969 that turned out to be stolen. A friend supposedly took the rap.

What's more, he alleges that Merv Griffin paid Shwartzenegger $25,000 to sleep with him. (There are similar stories of Merv's closeted homosexuality and interest in bodybuilders, actually.)

Here's an article that reports on video taken in Brazil. Schwarzenegger once more grabs ass while he's away from Maria.

Notice the woman trying in vain to extracate his hands from her nether regions...

The video also features this charming quote:
"After watching mulattas shake it, I can totally understand why Brasil is devoted to my favorite body part, the ass."

Oh, and on an equally squicky but less serious note:

Apparently Arnold gets a big thrill from helping our kids -- it's uplifting in more ways than one! (Thanks Lunchboxing!)