July 25th, 2003


Hot on the heels of Kraftwerk...

sbisson pointed out an interesting, amusing article on all the secrecy around the band Kraftwerk, one of the world's most reclusive bands (though still less reclusive than The Residents...)

The writer of the article went to Dusseldorf to try and find Kraftwerk and locate the famous Klingklang Studio, whose whereabouts Kraftwerk has never publically revealed. He hunts for the studio based on a description of the building in Pascal Bussy's "Kraftwerk: Man, Machine and Music" -- a "yellowish" building that is near the train station, overlooking a cheap hotel.

So, the reporter trudges all over Dusseldorf and wanders into a building he *thinks* could be Klingklang... only to find a series of empty rooms with nobody home. (Frankly, it sounds like he went to the wrong place.)

But fortunately, we have the internet! No need to trudge all over Dusseldorf, only to go home dejected. With a little searching, I can tell you *exactly* where Klingklang is located, as well as provide some interesting details on the band that the reporter overlooked.
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