July 12th, 2003


President tries to pass the buck, but the people won't let him off that easily...

"I want to usher in an era of personal responsibility, and that begins in the Oval Office." -- George W. Bush

"I gave a speech to the nation that was cleared by the intelligence services," the president said, blaming the CIA for unreliable information in the State of the Union address, even though we already know the CIA warned about Bush's intelligence being unreliable beforehand.

So, do people believe that the CIA deserves the blame? Not even close... The president should take full responsibility for his deceptive behavior, rather than having one of his men take the blame for him.

Tenet pressured by White House to take the fall...

ABC correspondent Ann Compton says that Condoleezza Rice pressured George Tenet to take the fall on Bush's claim that Iraq had sought uranium prior to the war.

The ABC reporter said Rice "made it quite clear" during her phone call to Tenet "that President Bush wasn't going to be doing any apologizing" for repeating the claim that Iraq sought uranium in Africa in the speech Tenet had approved.

"The national security advisor called him and said, 'Remember, you got a copy of that speech. You didn't tell us to take that out,'" Compton revealed. This despite the fact that we know that senior members of the Bush administration were told about the intelligence beforehand by the CIA.

Apparently, it is no longer enough for the CIA just to tell the White House that the information they are giving the public is unreliable -- it is now their duty to order the White House to not say things they cannot prove. This, of course, does not absolve Bush and his top advisors of knowingly misrepresenting the truth, it merely gives them a convenient patsy that they can use most any time they want to lie to us.

Of course, Tony Blair's administration ignored the CIA's warnings too -- too bad for him that he can't foist the blame on them, I guess... Tony is going down. I only hope that he's not replaced with a Tory. That would just make Bush happy, frankly. It's no wonder that in a recent poll, the most trusted British politician was Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy.

Now more than ever, the British people need to say a loud "No!" to both New Labour and the Tories. Both parties take a great nation and reduce them to US lapdogs. Is there room for US/British cooperation? Certainly... but not at the expense of Britain's dignity, soveriegnity, and soul.

Have no doubt. The next people that Bush will blame for this fiasco after the CIA will be the British...