July 11th, 2003


CBS confirms that Bush lied. (Like this was a surprise or something?!?)

Bush knowingly and intentionally used false information in his State of the Union address, despite strong objections from the CIA.

Instead, he and his handlers decided to ignore the intelligence given to them by the CIA and quote British intelligence that they had strong reason to suspect was not reliable, saying that as long as they quoted the British, it would be "factually accurate"... even if it wasn't the truth.

If it is a potentially impeachable offense to lie about an affair, what would you call knowingly presenting false, unreliable information to your country in order to provide a pretext for a war against another country? No matter whether you feel a war on Iraq was justifiable, there is no justification for a president to knowingly misrepresent the truth in such a manner.

Impeach now?! Sure... why not.

As Iceblink said...

Kirsten and I are thinking of doing a "Christmas in July" party on Saturday July 26th... but before we commit, we'd like to make sure that people are interested and available that evening.

If the idea of summertime intoxicated candy cane colored debauchery sounds interesting and you would like to attend, please reply and let me know...