June 27th, 2003


Does one of you have a virus?!

Perhaps. Someone I know does, because I got an automated email saying that I have Sobig.e, a new virus that hides its tracks by masquerading as legitimate e-mail from e-mail accounts that the victim has listed in .txt, .eml, .html, and other files on their computer.

I did a virus check, and I'm clean... so what about you? Are you clean, or are you pestering all of your friends and associates instead?

Unwanted phone calls disappear... like magic!

There's now a government registry for "opting out" of telephone solicitations!


It was just unveiled today. The problem, however, is that the site apparently can't handle all the traffic it is getting and is behaving rather sluggishly. Still, if you find the time to register, you might save yourself a lot of inconvenience later...

So, when are they going to do the same thing for spam?

Nader not sure he will run. May endorse Kucinich candidacy.

Last night, in an interview before his speech, Nader said he has yet to decide whether to launch another third-party run for president next year, saying he is waiting to see how the Democratic primary field shapes up. He is particularly interested in the candidacy of liberal Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who was also scheduled to speak last night but had to stay in Washington for a vote and debate on Medicare.

Unlike some of the other Democratic presidential candidates who have missed up to 85% of their votes since the campaign, Kucinich has had a perfect voting record during his campaign. Congressman Kucinich came in second in the recent MoveOn primary for the top Democratic candidate.

...and what nice produce, too!

Amusing quote from Salon column...

"So how you make that transition to adult love is you just keep going; it's the same way you make the transition to California: You just keep going west and eventually you're in California. You should see all the people here! They all got here via different conveyances, but they all got here by heading toward California. Adult love is like California -- you just keep going in that general direction until a guy in a uniform asks to look at your fruits and vegetables."

I hate to say it, but some of you will never get there. Society is against you, and so are the odds. It's an awfully long journey and you need patience and perseverence... few people spend the time and many get lost along the way, but is it worth it? Yes, it is.