June 11th, 2003


Go north, young man!

Ontario high court upholds right to same sex marriages.

Some quotes:
"Rather a big week here: We can smoke weed with impunity, and now this... welcome to the New Netherlands!"
Barry Burciul, Toronto Canada.

"Nobody can say that their family is a real family and my family is just a bunch of people living in the same house."
Robbie Barnett-Kemper, a young Canadian with two mothers

"The law in Alberta is very clear, notwithstanding how some people might feel about it, it's very clear. It's as clear as crystal. If there is any move to sanctify and legalize same-sex marriages, we will use the notwithstanding clause, period. End of story."
Ralph Klein, Alberta's premier (Boo, hiss!!)

Once again, that's Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta. (The homophobe capital of Canada!). You can reach him at (780) 427-2251 or email him at premier@gov.ab.ca . And look, there's already an online petition about this, too...

Thomas and Gunilla get sued.

Talk Radio Network Inc. is suing Thomas and Gunilla Leavitt... two local activists that Kirsten and I know, and who are widely known in the local bisexual community.

They are getting sued for running savagestupidity.com, a website which endorses a boycott of advertisers against Michael Savage's homophobic, hatefilled broadcasts. Talk Radio Network, who syndicates this crap to 305 stations nationwide, doesn't feel that they should have their advertisers targeted for the hate speech they broadcast. Talk Radio Network is also suing several other sites, and is trying to seize their domain names.

It sounds to me like the lawsuits are pretty groundless, but that doesn't mean that they're not going to screw with Thomas & Gunilla's lives... and frankly, they already have plenty of other things to deal with.

and while we're mentioning Supersnail...

There is a link on Supersnail's site to a very interesting costume ball in San Francisco this upcoming Saturday... The San Francisco Opera is allowing Ggreg Taylor to use sets, costumes, and props in a massive SOMA warehouse to do a dance event that promotes the opera.

Apparently, live arias will be accompanied by mixing from local DJ legend Gavin Hardkiss. One can only assume that opera will be thrown into the mix all evening long. The party also features Jeno, who has been doing his magic forever...

I remember when he used to come in to sell his mix tapes to me at Underground Records back in the early 90s. Underground Records was San Jose's first head shop -- it was really something in the late 60s and early 70s, but poor management and neglect had allowed the store to fall badly behind the times when I got there. Still, the owner and I managed to have a brief resurgence for a few years in the 90's before she retired, in no small part due to the sounds the local DJs were putting out. Garth and Jeno and the Hardkiss brothers... but also some great, hard-to-find releases by Freaky Chakra, Single Cell Orchestra, Young American Primitive, etc.

Unlike many scenes, San Francisco created some music that was far from typical rave/techno, with influences from all over the map. Ambient world music soundtracks from space that you could dance to. Some of the best stuff you've never heard... Someone really should do a CD compilation that does justice to that place and time. Meanwhile, this masquerade ball sounds like an excellent way to mix a bit of the old with the new!

silvery dystopic visions...

Silver AJ, who is obviously a very unique person to begin with, has an interesting artistic vision too.

She just finished http://www.conformobeyconsume.net which features her first major animation project. (Directions to view the animation for the GUI impaired: Click Enter. Click on the shadowy figure in the lower middle of your browser window. Click on the play icon.)

Animation projects are frustrating in a way, because they take so much work and are never as long as you'd like, but this is a good one. Sort of like a gritty, industrial, totalitarian version of Fantastic Planet, perhaps...