May 21st, 2003


It's arriving today...

The hot tub, that is. Not getting the electricity hooked up today, but at least it's finally getting done.

Took down part of our fence so that they can get the hot tub into the back yard. Think I will remount the fence with screws, just to make it easier if and when I feel motivated to move elsewhere.

The gathering last night went well enough, and there were several new faces, though I missed having a few people there. Hope all is going well with them, and hope to see them next time, with hot tub!

Thinking about more themes for our gatherings. While it's a bit of work to do a weekly theme, it's work that I like, in that it encourages me to expand my mp3 collection and work on playlists that I can use in the future. Must get another large hard drive... much larger!

Yes, I am currently listening to Cajun music, but the next theme will be dub -- especially dub of the old school Jamaican variety... and on a questionably related note, although I would prefer a mind meld, I still sometimes wish I had Jaron Lanier's hair.

I have odd role models.
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