May 19th, 2003


It's a hot day...

and I feel like a party. Or going out to a bar... or having people and music in the backyard and drinking there... and maybe making a pitcher or two of something mixed and generally icy... or fresh mojitos. Anyone want to go out / come over for drinks tonight?!?

Tomorrow night we're having our weekly open house gathering starting at 7pm, with Buffy at 8, Blade Runner at 9, and sci-fi influenced music and friviolity 'til late out on the porch.

And just to make things more fun, I challenge any attendees to join me in playing the Buffy drinking game tomorrow night! (I'm not a regular Buffy watcher, but I'm certain that the game will make Buffy an enjoyable experience!)

Everyone (especially newcomers) are most welcome. Email for directions...