May 14th, 2003


bit of weirdness for the day.

Just got a strange call...

(A guy with a Brooklyn accent)

Them - "Hi. Did you want to put something down on the (blah,blah) game?"
Me - "Huh?!"
Them - "Is Tai there?"
Me - "There's no Tai here."
Them - "Somebody there plays the games though, right?"
Me - "I think you have the wrong number."
Them - "Are you sure?! You're on my preferred list..."
Me - "Nobody here plays the games and there's no Tai here.
Them - "And you're sure nobody there plays the games? Because you're programmed into my phone..."
Me - "Maybe this used to be Tai's number."
Them - "Are you sure?!"
Me - (hangs up)

Poor Guido. Apparently, the bookies aren't doing very well in this economy, 'cause they've started cold calling people...