May 13th, 2003


Tea & Sympathy - the glam rock version.

Tea & Sympathy at our house in Santa Clara tomorrow, as usual... 7pm - 11:30ish.

As always, tea is available, though we also have everything else you can easily imagine, practically... especially after Friday's party.

The musical theme this week is British glam rock, just because. Extra points for dressing fabulous, or just being your fabulous selves...

Attendees will also be welcome to participate in a new, yet occasional feature of our teas... Spoil ________ Day. We'll have a drawing -- you win the drawing, and the next week's tea gets to be all about you. Consider it an unbirthday, of sorts!

As always, everyone is invited. Be exceptional.

I'm out and about for most of the day tomorrow, so email kirsten @ if you need directions to our house. Cya...

I can dream, can't I?

... of a world with one less dick?

Or is that just asking for a visit from the Secret Service?! What if I think that his continued existence in office incites the murder of innocent Americans and Westerners? Am I being seditious yet?!

What if I call him a spoiled, unamerican, elitist, war-dodging coward? A crook, criminal, and war profiteer who should be punished in the most serious manner possible for his crimes against humanity?

It's a good thing for him, frankly, that I (and many others) don't believe in murdering people and don't support capital punishment, I guess.