May 9th, 2003


Party tonight, Saturday in the city...

We're up a bit early, working on getting ready for the party here tonight at our house in Santa Clara. If anyone else out there would like to attend, feel free to email me ( insomnia at ). Openminded strangers always welcome.

Tomorrow, I have to be in Oakland briefly to pick up a portable massage table during the afternoon, and we are going to a club in S.F. that night. Anyone want to do anything around the S.F. /Oakland area tomorrow between around 3 and 9 or so?

We could always break in the massage table, I guess... ;->

everything done just in time...

Both the lighting for the front room and the backyard is done for the party. Now to program some music!

The mirror ball in the backyard is pretty cool, though I have to wonder whether what the neighbors will think if/when light from the mirror ball shines over our fence, dances through their yards, and peeks in their windows. That's why they make blinds, though... ;->