May 8th, 2003


entirely too much to do around the house...

Got a surprisingly large amount of stuff done today, and a lot of ideas on what to do with the house kind of jelled. Got a nifty wooden futon frame and two queen-sized futons on Craigslist... but when I covered it up with a very nice comforter that I wasn't using, it became the uberfuton... capable of being plush, cushy, and stylish, yet comfortable to sleep on... with a mattress to spare, in case it ever became useful to have two futons in that room.

It also occured to us that we could bring a futon with us when we go camping. With a good futon and a futon cover, Burning Man could be downright comfy - sleeping on the hard playa is less romantic than it sounds!

Salam Pax is back...

...and posting again to his weblog from Iraq. He's pissed off, with most of his anger aimed at Chalabi and the new "leadership" for Iraq.

Reading back through lots of wartime posts that he couldn't make, but I'm tired and I think the rest will have to wait for tomorrow...

"Schmooze, for chrissakes... schmooze!"

The subject comes from the wise words of inspiration that I received when I was at my first college radio convention back when I was shy, awkward, and young. I remained kinda shy and awkward, but I did learn how to schmooze, and was soon partying with the legends of rock and roll... or something like that. But I digress...

The kind of schmoozing that I'm currently interested in is , which is the startup of Reid Hoffman, who was a senior exec over at Paypal when I first met him. LinkedIn sounds an awful lot like Friendster, but the focus is completely different, geared towards businesspeople sharing contacts. Lots of interesting internet entrepreneur friends of Reid are starting to use it, so I figured it might be worth giving it a try.

I think I will have to drop Reid an email or arrange to meet him sometime, as I might be interested in talking to him regarding a few ideas of mine, and perhaps a few ideas regarding how applications like LinkedIn or Friendster could be improved... the concept for this kind of software is very powerful, but the interaction between users tends to blow, IMHO... as a result, you get this wasted potential for a community, but people keep on coming back to these pieces of software, hoping they'll finally get it right. There's enough focus on this kind of software right now from people who should be clued in enough to fix these issues, however... and when they do, it could be a very good thing.

Unfortunately, like all of these kinds of software, it requires spamming your friends. I don't want to spam anyone or give away anyone's email address without their prior permission, so if any of you would like to try LinkedIn and maybe make some interesting business contacts (with ideally far less inane discussion than you get in Friendster) then drop me an email at insomnia at livejournal dot com and let me know.

So, it's our weddin' anniversary...

and we're somewhat at a loss as to what to do. Really. I mean, we've pretty much been spoiled rotten for the past week or so, and while that is a temporary state of being, I really kind of want to do something kind of simple. Or sinful... either will suffice.

Even though it seems like a waste of $$, maybe we should go hot tubbing... or we can wait a week or so until we have our own hot tub. I joked with Kirsten and suggested that we should go to a peep show in San Francisco... and the funny thing was, it wasn't the worst idea. The idea of a rich, expensive meal doesn't appeal... and driving kinda sucks, in that we'd have to drive back... and we're having a party here tomorrow night.

Maybe we should spend a cuddly evening at home being watching a movie... anyone have any good porn? Why is there no good porn in the south bay?!

"I something you
As the nights get older
I something you
As if you couldn't see
In the best years of my life
At least I haven't got a wife
I something you
You whatnot me."
fashionable still at forefront of smart online protests...

They did some very cool online protest work before the war, but they are still at it, this time encouraging people to speak up and oppose the lifting of restrictions of big businesses to buy up all the media out there. Centralized media means fewer real choices, and less diversity in music, news, talk, etc.

If you would like to opppose the "Clear Channelization" of American media and ideally start pushing things back towards the other direction, then speak up now before a decision is made for you. You may also want to pass the news along to your friends. After all, you can't expect the mainstream media to do it for you, can you?!.

Funny.... is having a presidential reality poll, where people are voting for their favorite candidate.

The results so far? :

Howard Dean - 39.87%
Dennis Kucinich - 29.43%
John Kerry - 9.18%
John Edwards - 6.65%
Bob Graham - 5.38%
Dick Gephardt - 3.80%
Carol Moseley-Braun - 2.85%
Al Sharpton - 2.22%
Joe Lieberman - .63%

that's not 63% or 6.3%, mind you... that is .63% . Such is the charisma that radiates from the sweaty brow of Joseph Mengele Lieberman.