May 5th, 2003


Recent thoughts...

(Is this post a personal piece or a anti-Bush rant? Perhaps a bit of both. Enjoy the duality...)

So, we are in the "post-war Iraq" world ( not that people still aren't dying or coming home scarred for life, but I digress...) and Bush has basically gotten most everything his way. So, where does that leave those who opposed the current administration's policies? Minimalized? Probably. have wrapped up their special coverage in advance of the release of the official English website, and perhaps there is a lesson to that. Is it time to forget the issue and move on? Hardly. Those who opposed an unlawful war were right before and during the war, and we're still right now. However, it may be time to shift the attention elsewhere -- we need to use our strengths against their weaknesses.

For me, this means cultivating friends, building communities, and working towards the creation of a modern American society that moves beyond the old, outmoded ideas that are the basis for the Bush administration's support.

It's time we find effective ways to fight racism, bigotry, and discrimination... again. Conversely, it's also time to give voice to tolerance and compassion, and to defend love and family, even if the families or lovers that we might defend aren't the same ones that the Bush administration would try to defend.

Everyone has their own circle, their own community... and yes, I know that a lot of you run in circles which are very open and very accepting, and often very social and active. That's great, because it gives you a solid core to work from with a great deal of shared knowledge, culture, acceptance, and wisdom... but have you considered how your circle of friends or community could positively influence or reach out to others and help to change society?

Bush can try to control a whole lot of things, but it would be very hard for him to control our ability to effect this nation's culture. We need to move forward with joy, love, and acceptance to transform society... not through direct confrontation, but through a confrontation of a thousand kindnesses. We need to try to change the society underneath the Bush administration, ideally making it clear just how outmoded their values are.

So go out there, make new friends, open your lives to them, share your values, and urge them to register to vote... it's a good start to fighting the powers that be.

First Democratic presidential debate...

If you don't support Bush, then you may want to watch the first debate and try to support your favorite candidate.

...unless the thought of a Bush vs. Lieberman race excites you.

It's worth noting that even though ABC sponsored the debates, many of their affiliates didn't even show it -- many showed Gladiator instead.

For those of you who missed Gladiator and saw the debates, here's what you missed: The Roman Empire won, the Roman Republic collapsed.

And for those of you who missed the debates and saw Gladiator: the American Empire won, the American Republic collapsed.

A Friendster interlude...

When I first heard about Friendster, it was quite awhile ago online. It sounded like a good idea, but nobody I knew was using it and I didn't know enough about the software to really want to promote it by spamming all my friends, so I never bothered with it.

However, I notice that a few people I know are starting to use Friendster, so just wanted to let you all know that I am on there as Mark Kraft ... if you have a Friendster account, you should be able to go here to add me as a friend. If you don't have a Friendster account, you may want to consider it...

Das ist alles.

lazy daze

Just a bit of a babble I started writing this morning about how I was feeling at the time. Expect more post-war internal diologues in the future... but don't call it poetry, dammit! -m.

not again
its too early
so go away sun
and take your tasks
thinking of horizontality
& the merits of a long lazy day
rolling around on fresh cotton sheets
and slipping back into slumber
but if you had the day off
it could be better still
with time for kisses
& other things
so c'mere

progressively cool subjects...

It's cool to see that local ISPs are still around. It's very cool to see them offering free dial-up. It's even cooler when the ISP is owned by author Rudy Rucker's son. The coolest thing, however, is that Monkeybrains/Rudy Jr. plays host to dorkbot-sf, which features interesting, artistic projects involving electricity, robotics, loud, firey, dangerous looking objects, etc.

Must try to make the next meeting.