April 20th, 2003


Say what?!

So, how long before we leave Iraq?!

Five years, says Richard Lugar, who is upset that new political positions in Iraq were being filled by Shi'ite Muslims, who might favor a theocratic state over a democracy.

Cluehammer time -- Iraq is over 60% Shi'ite. Any real democracy, therefore, is likely to adopt Islamic law. They might even elect Islamic leaders too. Because they're Islamic. They like it that way.

Any truely democratic institution that we install in Iraq can be used to bring about Islamic law, in the same way that both Hitler and Bush came to power in "democratic" countries, each with less than a majority vote.

Let's see, with estimates of occupation running at upwards of $4 billion a month, thats an extra $240 billion... Oh joy. We dont need know monnee for edjukation nohow.