April 14th, 2003


Hm... where's that body clock?! I knew I had a body clock around here somewhere...

I found myself unable to sleep after getting back from a party in San Francisco last night... it usually takes me a few hours to wind down and recuperate after going to a party. Cleaned out my lungs and hair of undue cigarette smoke with an ultra-hot, ultra-steamy shower... drank a very large cup of genmai cha, and spent the night around the computer.

This is so typical for me lately. Frustrating at times, as the world is asleep around me. I need more things to do with the long hours of night, and more people to do them with. The south bay isn't exactly the place for life after hours, however... of course, any public venue of interest around here that was open late nights would probably have a hard time, given local police restrictions, the rave act, etc.

So, the night bled into day and I was up until around 11 am, and was just about ready to crash when I read that hopeforyou was a bit out of sorts and in need of company, so I went over there, hung out on her futon, talked a lot, wached her pack books, offered tea, sympathy, and kissyface, listened to music (hey oddiofile -- the CD-R you burned sounded very interesting!), paid attention to Java the cat, walked over to a Vietnamese restaurant where she got some lunch, came back, listened to more music, walked over to the store to get packaging tape, watched her do more boxes, had more conversation and kissyface.

It was a good day, despite the fact that I was generally exhausted and somewhat death warmed over from the party the night before. Hope asked at one point how I managed to not be sick all the time with such a wreckless sleep schedule. My answer was tea. Lots of tea...

She took an LJ break, then we headed off to pick up sinboy from work, watched him tend to a friend's cat he was housesitting, back to their place to drop off Sinboy and give him some downtime, and finally back to my place, where Hope and iceblink chatted while I, suffering from severe sleep deprivation, flopped on the bed, kicked off my Docs, and gave Neko lots of scritching...

Only to wake up about five hours later, just in time for Kirsten to go to bed. So, that gives me another night alone with my computer!

Can I scream yet?!

digital relics...

androkles is a very interesting person, and has quickly become one of my favorite journals to read/view. Talented photographer, artist, poet, and writer... a good soul in a troubled world.

I really like the latest digital imagery he's created...

A Goddess Salad

Self Portrait as Ishtar

Mourning for Ishtar

'Mourning for Ishtar' seemed vaguely familiar to me... it took me awhile to figure out why. It kind of reminds me of the artwork for one of LPD's best albums.

So, anyone else seen any good art on Iraq lately? If so, please reply with your favorites / links...
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Back to Basra - cholera, dystentery, and still no water.

"We are unhappy with this freedom. We have no water. We have complained to the British Army about this but they are not doing anything."

Water treatment plants looted, cholera and dysentery approaching epidemic levels, and residents drinking water that contains raw sewage! Be sure to boil that water good and scrape off the crust -- assuming you have gas or electricity.

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