April 11th, 2003


Dub on the mind...

So, I'm looking for more dub on Kazaa lite, with some success.

Came across a review for a King Tubby album that I've been wanting which is really very good at explaining how dub came to be and why it was so ahead of its time. Don't quite understand dub or its musical significance?! Read the review...

I also liked a quote at the end of the review:

"Dub has become a sci-fi soundtrack for techno-Gaians, hippie zippies and cyborg animists .... a humanistic healing force in a wired world."

I'm not entirely sure if it's true, but it sounds nice, doesn't it?

So, what does that make me?!

A techno-Gaian.
A hippie zippie.
A cyborg animist.
All of the above.
Something else entirely...

gallery surfing...

Went out for a few hours to Anno Domini, an art gallery nearby, where they were having DJing and a live painting event, featuring the artists of HVW8...

They painted a large figure who looked like a Black Panther in the act of deejaying... who, incidentally, shared the painting with a glorious looking black panther.

It was a surprisingly cool and interesting event, though we should have brought jackets -- it was damn cold in the studio. The deejaying was very good, with an interesting mix of music and some surprisingly talented mixing and scratching.

So, was it street or was it art? Probably both. Does it matter?! Probably not. Interesting time, though...