April 5th, 2003


Akamai discriminating against Al-Jazeera

Recently, Al-Jazeera sought technical assistance from Akamai Technologies in dealing with hacker attacks and a massive surge in interest from web users.
Akamai, which provided Web server services to the Arabic news network, abruptly canceled its contract Wednesday, refusing to offer any services or assistance.

This despite the fact that Al-Jazeera reporters have also been the target of the Iraqi regime and that Al-Jazeera has said that they will honor a U.S. request to not show US casualties until families are notified. The US media, however, have no such restrictions against showing Iraqi casualties.

"We think it's political pressure," said Nabil Hegazi, deputy managing editor of Al-Jazeera's English-language Web site. Al-Jazeera's reporters were recently banned from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange -- the only network to be banned in this manner. They were similarly banned from reporting on NASDAQ.

If you disagree with Akamai's decision to refuse service, please send them an email and let them know.

Contrary to US government opinion, freedom of information and a free press are not the enemy. As was said in a March 26 New York Times editorial, "Al Jazeera is feisty and frequently controversial, but it does real journalism, and it is the only uncensored TV network in the Arab world." Akamai shouldn't allow themselves to be used as a tool of censorship and should have the courage of conviction to say no to any pressure opposing the freedoms our country is supposed to stand for.

Grow a pair, Akamai.

Streaming everything...

So, hopeforyou got me listening to Triple J, and it was good, with a lot of music I haven't heard -- it gave me something to do when I wasn't letting the Baghdad cam play in the background, listening to what the reporters say too close to the mic when they think nobody's listenning. Nothing quite like listening to proper female British foriegn correspondents swear like sailors about inept people back in London.

Checked in again on triple J... it got even better with Mixup, which featured a jawdroppingly good set by Dave Slade. I'll probably have to wait until they post the playlist, then try (in vain?) to actually find some of the stuff he played. Listening to this stuff on California time is a combination of great and just too much. Those people over there are just too awake for me at this moment... my head is going to explode!

I feel like nightclubbing and a vodka gimlet. I wanted to go out last night, but Kirsten wasn't up to it, so I might drag her off tonight to Diskotek Nekromantica at Il Pirata in San Francisco. They play a lot of my kinda stuff with a nice mix of goth, industrial, glam, and eighties. Anyone want to make a night of it?!

I think I will X-post to sfgoth and see if we can get a group together. We can probably carpool several people up with us... if anyone's interested, let me know.

Guess they didn't need Akamai....

http://english.aljazeera.net is live... hope it's here to stay.

Some of the things that Al-Jazeera is saying lately that "give aid and comfort to the enemy" are:

- Contrary to US claims, they don't control many cities. Only the outskirts of those cities. They have bypassed the center of cities in most cases. "It would be more correct to say we are operating in most areas of the country but we control very little."

- The US grossly underestimated the power of Iraqi nationalism.

- US war crime claims are off-base. Attacks launched by openly armed belligerents in civilian clothes do not necessarily count as perfidy. The first Additional Protocol in 1977 to the Geneva Convention allows for guerrilla warfare, which has been seen as a valid and appropriate means of fighting for national liberation.

- US special forces could also be accused of perfidy, as they have been known to disguise themselves as local inhabitants.

- Iraqis are complaining that the US soldiers are showing insensitivity towards Arab Muslim traditions by having their soldiers frisk the bodies of women. (Just wait until we ask them to strip first before approaching, to check for explosives...)

- Concern has been raised about Southern Baptist missionaries, who will attempt to spread their faith in Iraq under the auspices of providing humanitarian aid.

In other words, the truth of this undeclared war helps the enemy. US citizens, however, do not need, deserve, or require the truth, as it would be harmful to the war effort... nor should they make an effort to disseminate the truth, as it is a traitorous act.