March 26th, 2003


Free live pansies...!

Pansy Division are playing a free show at The Eagle in San Francisco on Thursday, April 3rd in a concert being sponsored by the San Francisco Health Department, who will be on hand to promote their Healthy Penis campaign.

Appearing with the band are The Skinjobs from Vancouver, BC, a mixed fag/dyke band whose debut CD "Burn Your Rainbow" has just been released. The Skinjobs are getting some serious label attention. Here's their track 'Transistor' (full-length mp3) to give you a taste of the band. They look like a lot of fun, with their eccentric stage show and replicant good looks... the Blade Runner reference seems strangely appropriate too!

Appearing with Pansy Division and The Skinjobs will be Raunchy Reckless and the Amazons from Austin, TX, a lesbian/queer Xena tribute band. No, really, I kid you not. Their best-known song is 'WWXD' - What Would Xena Do?

Sounds like a marvelously twisted time... for free!