March 23rd, 2003


U.S. Missile May Have Shot Down UK Plane

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain said it appeared that a Royal Air Force plane that went missing in the Gulf on Sunday had been shot down by a U.S. Patriot missile.
"It appears the RAF aircraft was engaged by a Patriot missile near the Kuwaiti border. The crew are missing . I can't confirm the type of aircraft or the number of crew," said a spokesman for Britain's Defense Ministry.

Iraqis not exactly happy to be conquered...

ABC reporter John Donovan travels unescorted into "conquered" Safwan, only to find freshly mined roads, reports of gunfire just a handful of miles into Kuwait, and lots of angry residents.

Relief supplies still haven't arrived, and international relief and medical agencies are objecting to US military using access to food, medicine as a "bargaining chip" in the war. They believe that the military's efforts to oversee access and distribution of relief supplies may put them at risk, by associating them with US forces. Humanitarian groups now are more likely to pull their workers out of volatile places or avoid them altogether.

It will be a *long* occupation...

Iraq using guerrilla warfare tactics

A US military spokesman says that Iraqi troops are using "ruses" to kill U.S. troops invading their country, on one occasion dressing as civilians to ambush them. In one incident an apparent surrender was followed by artillery fire. "There are a number of incidents occurring to the rear of the main combat forces"...

What did they expect? Enemy troops to arrange themselves in nice, neat lines just perfect for bombing or strafing? It was obvious that the Iraqi army would do this.

If anyone can be an enemy, then every Iraqi is a potential target... and when non-combattants get caught in the crossfire, that won't win any Iraqi hearts and minds... Ordinary Iraqi citizens are much more likely to be dragged into this conflict, and may very well become motivated to fight as guerrillas themselves.