March 18th, 2003


This week's Tuesday night gathering... France!

We're having yet another Tuesday night gathering at the house... 7ish- midnightish. This week's theme is France!

Guests will ideally bring or wear something French. I'll be getting my French music ready for the gathering... lots of Piaf, Gainsbourg, Dutronc, Brel, etc. Hopefully a lot of 60's French pop...

We'll also be having French snacks, Mille Bournes, a fire and music out on the patio, and lots of general conversation, flirting, and friviolity... should be fun. Bring your best double entendres!

For information and directions, email insomnia @ livejournal dot com!

Canadians just can't win...

They get involved in our wars, they get bombed by American troops. They don't get involved, they get mistaken as Americans and killed by terrorists...

Hey George B... thanks for making the world an unsafe place for anyone who is "pigment-impaired". Guess we'll have to start being as insular and xenophobic as you.

So, what address should we send the bodies to... 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue or 10 Downing Street?!