February 23rd, 2003


Do you think he's against the war?

Pope John Paul, concerned that the world is being held hostage by the "logic of war," called for a day of peace and prayer on March 5th.

"The future of humanity should never be tied down by terrorism and the logic of war," he said during his regular Sunday address.

"Never, never, never!" he reiterated forcefully from his window overlooking pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square.

Must suck to be the pro-war Italian prime minister.

... in other news, Saddam Hussein said yesterday that President Bush behaved without manhood and chivalry. Bush, flusterred by Saddam's words, reportedly said, "I'm going to tell my daddy and Mr. Rumsfield on you and then you'll regret it!"

Amusing Mozilla reference...

The Democrats have a new fundraising database that they think might help even the battle against Republican fundraisers. They're calling the new database Demzilla...

This, of course, makes no sense if you know the history of the term Mozilla, which refers to a monster that would (and did...) kill Mosaic. Really, it should be Repzilla, but the Democratic Party has traditionally been so good at shooting themselves in the foot that they might as well not stop now, right?! Who knows... maybe it will be the monster that kills the Democrats!

They wheeled out the stiffs recently -- unfortunately, Kucinich is still seen as a niche candidate. I bet he won't stay quite as niche as they would like, however...

Guess which one is Kang and which one is Kodos...

Abortions for some, little American flags for everyone else!

Is it supposed to sound like that?!

Of course it's supposed to sound like that! (quicktime)

Adrian Sherwood,longtime production master extraordinaire, is releasing his first solo album "Never Trust a Hippie?" tomorrow on Peter Gabriel's Real World label. Sherwood's efforts combine dub, samples, electronica, world music, and beats in ways that seem fresh, new, and sometimes even jarring in a very good way. Excellent stuff from a natural born knob twiddler.

The British music press seem excited, though they generally think of Mr. Sherwood as a producer and not a musician... but hey, he did Tackhead a long, long time ago, and created waves in some circles. He's even made several full-length mp3s of his work freely available at http://www.onusound.co.uk .