February 21st, 2003


The War Behind Closed Doors

PBS' newest "Frontline" focuses on what has been happening behind the scenes within the Bush administration during the buildup to war against Iraq. Wolfowitz is seen as supporting a policy of US preemptive wars starting in 1992 and urging a US invasion of Iraq just four days after 9/11, Richard Perle says that "it was understood that Iraq had to be dealt with" in the earliest days of the Bush presidential campaign, and Colin Powell is shown as the only reason the US sought UN approval at all.

Refinery goes boom.

Large oil and gas plant explosion. Hess Oil Company at Port Mobil in Staten Island. The explosion caused a fire, and a cloud of black smoke is settling over Brooklyn. The Verrazano Narrows Bridge has been closed. Flames from the fire are rising 1100' into the air. The fire is partially on the water, partially on land. The explosion happened as a barge was refueling and caught fire. (There's now half a barge.) Presumably, oil is spilling into the water and catching on fire. Tasty. The fire can be seen nearly all the way to Philadelphia.

Rumors so far seem to indicate an accident -- the same plant had a similar fire ten years ago. Prices of gas in the NYC area are almost certain to rise to insane levels, as a result.

Still, ya gotta wonder. If it was terrorism, it wasn't the Iraqi government that did it, nor would attacking Iraq make us any safer. The reverse, actually...

Grammar disaster...

Why is it that whenever there is some kind of disaster, someone invariably has to say "My house literally shook."

Does it shake figuratively the rest of the time?!

If the house is 'a rockin', don't bother knocking...