February 20th, 2003


Zoiks, and away!

So, today I called over at Kucinich for President headquarters... I'm offering them my assistance and advice on how to use the Internet as a tool for grassroots promoting. They are working on campaign strategies right now, so I'm getting them a document today that, if they follow it, should establish them as the most technically savvy campaign ever run... at least from an Internet perspective.

Good thing, too, as they are also more likely than most campaigns to actually give a squat about issues such as digital rights, copyright law, fair use, the abuse of the DMCA, restrictions on public access to information, privacy rights, spam, Total Information Awareness, etc.

In short, I hope to help them win over and mobilize the Internet for their campaign in the most effective manner possible, so long as they pay attention to *our* issues.

Sounds like democracy to me...