February 13th, 2003


Lots of tension and no release...

I'm officially suffering from pre-martial tension. I need cuddles... many, many cuddles. (No sex necessary, but always appreciated.)

Fortunately, I have a *very* big bed, so there's room for all of you!

Oh... btw, here is a sexy-arse Korean .mpeg I found the other day that most of you would probably appreciate. If you want to download it and put it up on your server, fine... but please don't link to it! Bandwidth, you know.

Ouch. Michael Jackson's lovelife leaks out...

Kiss one career goodbye. The Smoking Gun has the testimony of one of Michael Jackson's young friends that leaked after the settlement of a lawsuit against Mr. Jackson. It documents the courtship of a twelve year old (and his guardians) over a year's time by Michael, leading up to some pretty explicit sexual fumblings.

I don't squick easily, but color me nauseated... ew. Ick. I'd take a shower if it didn't remind me of it. Someone take his kids away!