February 9th, 2003


Oh joy!

When I heard about Bill O'Reilly's use of the racial slur "wetback" on his globally broadcast news show, I sent out a few emails... with a few hundred email addresses. Specifically, I spent about an hour finding the email addresses and contacting the staff of most major hispanic and Mexican American organizations out there.

I just got an email back from the regional director for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. He's very pleased that I called this to their attention, is spreading the word around to the rest of the group, and it looks like they're going to be right on it.... and presumably all over Mr. O'Reilly's case.

**extra! Heard from Dan Solis, the Chairman of the Board for the National Association for Mexican-American Rights. He wanted verification of these quotes, so I checked for the best verification possible... turns out that the transcript was recently posted on Foxnews' website! Let's see O'Reilly try to deny this one. **

** extra!! extra!! Heard back from Dan Solis. He cc:ed me on a message flagged urgent to the board for the National Association for Mexican-American Rights. He verified my evidence -- NAMAR will be taking action on this matter ASAP!**

So, now I guess it's just a matter of sitting back and watching the fireworks. This should be fun! I wish I had Foxnews still, just so I could tape the upcoming public apology... though it might not do him any good. People are kicked off the air for less all the time.

Meanwhile, keep sending your comments to O'Reilly and his bosses, urging an apology, or -- better yet -- severe disciplinary action! Mmm... discipline!

For those that aren't set up to use mailto links, the email addresses you should contact to vent your spleen are:
comments@foxnews.com , investor@newscorp.com , mueller@newscorp.com , oreilly@foxnews.com

I didn't ask to be part of the drama...

...but hey, it looks like I am.

The thing is, I have always been very happy not being a part of the whole dramatis personae of LJ and I'm equally glad that any and all exploits that I have in my life have managed to stay out of Gabby Moe. I like being discreet, and, as much as some people might occasionally want to hear more of it, I *like* keeping my privates private most of the time. There's a lot more to me that just torrid affairs... sometimes I wish there wasn't, but there ya go.

Hi LJdramatists! Nice to know you're out there, even if your LiveJournal RSS feed was suspended. Can I just briefly chime in and say that suspending an RSS feed from another site sucks?! It sucks.

Sure, there are good reasons not to allow people to abuse each other on LJ and that can mean occasionally suspending journals -- anyone who has ever been seriously abused or stalked knows this. But to block the RSS feed of weblogs just because some people express ideas that may not be appreciated by everyone?! Ooooh. Everybody beware... You might just be exposed to dangerous ideas where the world isn't always happy, and where, yes... sometimes people get laughed at. Can't have that.

So, yes, while I hate drama and I hate drama on LiveJournal, I *like* LJdrama.org. It is not only humorous, but also is a valuable bullshitometer to have around, even if it is banned from LJ itself.