January 29th, 2003


Bruce Sterling on the spoiled needs of his computer...

Bruce Sterling is a damn clever fellow and a great writer with a new book -- "Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next 50 Years".

Just read a brief interview with him. We think alike at times.

Interviewer - "You say your computer requires more pampering than your cat. Do you see that changing in the future?"

Sterling - "No. For instance, nobody seems to be trying to give my cat viruses on purpose. Nor is my cat likely to inform on me to the new Total Information Awareness office."

Potatoes... away!!!

An article in the Times of London talks about a new craze in Germany -- the Kartoffelkanone.

Using drainage pipe and masking tape for building the weapon, and hairspray as a propellant, the Kartoffelkanone can shoot a potato 200 meters and is able to split a person's head at distances less than 15 meters, or penatrate a wooden wall at 90 meters. The German government is moving to outlaw them, and some websites such as Kartoffelkanone.de have been removed from the web. Sites like http://www.kartoffelkanone.net/ are still up, however, and there are online forums and websites (mechanically translated from German) where people talk about how best to make the ultimate spud gun. There are also sites in English now...

Sounds to me like the cat potato is out of the bag, and there's no way to put it back in. If you make potatoes illegal, will only criminals have potatoes?!

It must be comforting to be so certain...

"Everybody says I seek war, but I must be conscious of my responsibilities. The menace to our country is such that it cannot be ignored. There is ample proof of the aims of our enemy, and I thank God Almighty for giving me the strength and the knowledge to do what must be done."

- Adolf Hitler