January 20th, 2003


Is the tide turning?!

Some encouraging news... a poll from the Pew Research Center indicates that the Bush Administration is losing support for a war against Iraq, and has yet to make the case that such a war would be justified.

Out of the 1,218 Americans were polled this month, while 76% support war with Iraq if it is shown that they are hiding weapons of mass destruction, only 46% percent favor war if Iraq is simply hiding the ability to easily make weapons of mass destruction, and only 29% favor war if inspectors fail to find weapons of mass destruction, but Iraq cannot prove they *don't* have any.

Just 42% of those polled think that the administration has made the case for war, while 53% thinks they have not. This is a decline of 11% from mid-September. Still, 62% of those polled think that the administration has already decided to go to war with Iraq, and his approval rating is down about 3% during the last month.

It's not a lot, I know -- but hopefully it's the start of something good. Bush is going to look like a real idiot if he sends the U.S. army halfway across the globe for nothing...