November 24th, 2002


big firecracker go boom?!

A tanker carrying 20,000 tons of liquified petroleum gas caught fire off Hong Kong, causing the evacuation of its crew. The ship is *still* on fire, incidentally, and they're hoping the fire doesn't reach the cargo section, as that would mean a big explosion. A *really* big explosion. A *really, really* big explosion.

It's a very good thing that the tanker is 24 miles off the coast, frankly... they are routing all shipping to give the tanker a *wide* berth, because it's not every day that 40,000,000 pounds of liquified petroleum gas explodes.

I don't know what the ecological impact will be (it couldn't possibly be good...) but I sure hope that if it does explode, they'll find a way to film it and use the footage in the next James Bond movie.