November 8th, 2002


rain, rain...

don't go away... except when I need to move the GP medium tent into storage this weekend.

jwz hates the weather...
"It's not so much the "wet" I mind as the "gray". Well, I hate the "cold" too, but it's the "gray" that really bugs me."

Sheesh. Maybe he forgot what it was like in Illinois during the winter...
How can you complain about the weather in CA? That grey, wet, cold stuff is the only weather we get! It's great! Puddles and fallen leaves... Rain and thunder and lightning... Shore birds hovering inland on the ample winds...beautiful overcast and a sea of thick fog on the coast that you can get blissfully lost in.

Oh... and it's perfect hot tub weather!

Techies, get out of your climate controlled server rooms, get naked, and do some serious splashing in the puddles! Be glad you're here, because if you really didn't want weather, you'd probably be in SoCal!

(visible shudder...)