October 14th, 2002


Words, words, words...

Followed a link on rosefox's journal for a java game called Bookworm. Seemed just up my alleyway due to my Scrabble addiction, but it's actually too easy and too long for me!

I just finished my second game, which took an ourtrageous amount of time, and I got a pretty outrageous score.

Thing is, I know how much trouble it can be for others to play this... I found a website out there listing people's top scores which I find ludicrously low, and I know there are serious Scrabble players who would kick my ass, so I don't understand why I am doing well at this particular game. Odd. They need to program in a difficulty level selector, I guess...

As much as I love Scrabble, it would be insane for me to keep playing this game. It's just too easy and time consuming... but what am I doing differently than anyone else?