October 13th, 2002


State of the world...


I pay attention to what is going on in the world because I feel that it's part of my responsibility to be informed, but the news is so depressing, I wish I could hide... I wish I could feel right about ignoring it.

Nearly 200 people killed, hundreds injured in Bali... and yet they're just numbers, it seems. My sister went to the same place in Bali a few years back... it was about as close to paradise as you could possibly hope for.

The people who died appear to be primarily Australians, Germans, and Indonesians... none of whom really wanted to be on the battlelines of this "war against terrorism" we're holding on their behalf. Yes, the terrorists killed them, but would they have attacked if the US hadn't riled them up? I kinda doubt it.

Here are some exerpts from journals out there...

"Mr Wellington is in Bali, and he's missing...no one knows where he is. And Dannar's in bali! I just thought of that..."

"My girlfriend is in Bali at the moment on business. Her hotel was 400 m from the location where the first bomb blew up. She was freaking out and calling me at 1 am last night asking me what to do. I felt so utterly helpless because I was so far away from her."

"life nowadays is about fighting and reading and arguing and demonstrating and dying.."