October 5th, 2002


not quite finished winding down... but close.

Tonight was the Flutterbi event I've been planning and promoting for awhile. It was generally thought to be a success, but things didn't quite work out the way I expected...

5 pm - Talked to Gunilla. She wasn't able to go to the store and get butterfly stickers.
6: pm - Off with Kirsten in mad pursuit of butterfly stickers. No such luck at the local party store. We'd have been fine if we needed common insects, however..
6:15 pm - No dice at another store. Hungry. Purchased two somewhat inferior sandwiches.
6:30 pm - Arrived at Club Savoy. Rushed to set things up.
7:00 pm - Lani and Loraine arrive. No audience yet to see them.
7:10 pm - Gunilla arrives late, with half of the supplies we'd ordinarily have at a table. Only a handful of people have arrived. I start to get worried.
8:00 pm - People have arrived. About 30 or so. Lani and Loraine having pizza for dinner. They'll get dressed shortly for their presentation. I announce the presentation as happening "soon".
8:30 pm: Presentation finally starts, but not before about 8 people disappear. Unfortunate.
8:30-9:30 pm - The presentation. More people arrive during the course of it, bringing the total for the night to about 55 people. I finally can relax and have a drink.Amp for microphone sucks though... either too soft or too much feedback.
9:30 pm - I do final announcements and open the place up for dancing. Lani and Loraine sell out of all their books.
9:40 pm - They play "Pussy Song" by Lords of Acid, and follow it up with several Prince songs. Dance dance dance.
10:00 pm - Meet interesting LJ person whose username I promptly forget. Gah. This happens far too often. Not enough time to really get into a good conversation, as I am too busy. I do manage to talk to club owner, however, who is more than willing to have us back again!
10:20 pm - Lani and Loraine are taking off, so I give them what we raised. About $262... not bad for a first try.
10:50 pm - Crowd starts to thin. We start packing stuff back into the car.
11:15 pm - Those left are either hanging outside the club talking, or dancing in the main part of the club. My drink got cleaned up, unfortunately. We take off soon afterwards.

The end result - About 55-60 people showed throughout the night. Unimpressive perhaps, compared to similar events in San Francisco, but very good indeed for such an event in the South Bay, especially on relatively short notice. Learned a lot about what we can do to improve things next time. Useful data collected on how people found out about the event. Lots of people added to our email list.

It's a beginning...

didn't mention it previously, but...

Got a copy in the mail of this book I assisted with. Nice of them to send me it, though I hate to say that the book seemed a bit rushed and had a few glaring errors that I would have expected from a reporter... As you probably all know by now, I'm used to reporters mangling any article they write that has anything to do with weblogs.

I like what Clay wrote recently, though. He realizes the importance of weblogs, yet also knows that they're helping to make content "worthless"-- or just worth less. Your pick...

Went to Betelnut with him last time he was in town... a really good meal, and an extravagant treat. Can't afford it right now, though... both financially and timewise. So much to do, so little time!

Moving into a new house at the end of the month. Much nicer, in many ways. I get a garden again, and we'll have a garage for storage, etc. WIsh the bedroom was a bit bigger though. I have fairly decadent taste in beds, and trying to shoehorn my wooden 4 poster king-sized bed with canopy into it will be a neat trick. It will fit, but I'm half-tempted to knock down a wall or something. Shouldn't watch so many episodes of Changing Rooms, perhaps...