September 27th, 2002


Rampant rabbit recall!

LONDON (Reuters) - A rabbit-eared sex toy was recalled on Thursday by British retailer Ann Summers out of concern it could cause injury to an unsuspecting user.

The lingerie and sex toy chain said a batch of about 150,000 of the top-selling "Rampant Rabbit" vibrators were found to have defective seals that might allow the spillage of tiny beads contained in the shaft.

Too bad. They really are good vibrators...

Price List of the Staaars!

If you had $100,000 dollars to go shopping with and wanted to throw a great party, who would you hire for entertainment? Well, now you can find out.

Would you get James Brown, George Clinton, Fishbone, and Toots & the Maytals... or would you blow the whole wad to get Radiohead? How about Sonic Youth, Laurie Anderson, DJ Shadow, Henry Rollins, Lords of Acid, and Fiona Apple?!

Alternately, you could hire Ray Romano and probably still have enough left over to make a deal with Carrot Top... but I wouldn't recommend it. Not everybody loves Raymond.