July 9th, 2002


About bloody time!

One of the features that I have been championing on LiveJournal for a long, long time is finally here. We is a Cyndi Cajun aggro gator! Yee-haw!!

This is really cool, frankly, and probably a lot cooler than you might think it is. It will get a lot cooler as time goes on...

How long has this been in the planning stages? Long, LONG time. It seems like there has always been some emergency or higher priority project that just made the timing wrong until now.

Here's an excerpt of the email I sent to Brad about it back in early April of 2001.

"It looks like the standard that both Microsoft and Userland are going to use is XML/RPC, a derivative of XML."...."Once everyone else does it, we'll have to do it, or risk people jumping ship"...."Already, the content is there."...."Better to add the support now than later".

Well, today is now, innit?! ;->