April 22nd, 2002


It's a weblog, stupid.

This is a little piece I wrote as a kind of casual observation on just how clueless reporters (and many others) are. You can chalk it up as a pet peeve of mine, targeted towards the insatiably clueless...

"Uh... what is that thing that everyone seems to have on their webpage nowadays with all those posts organized in some kind of order, generally newest to oldest... you know what I mean?! That thing where you type in to that window, either in a browser window or on a separate piece of software and hit the button and *bang!* it goes up on the web and it's all pretty and organized without me having to do it myself?! What do they call that thing?!"

"It's a weblog, stupid."

"But I don't have a weblog! I have a (journal, diary, blog, community)...

"Yes, I know you have a (journal, diary, blog, community)... but it's *still* a weblog, stupid."

"But that doesn't make sense! I don't even like weblogs! I only like (journals, diaries, blogs, communities)..."

"Well, what is that stuff you listen to... you know, with the musicians and the instruments and the singing now and then?!"

"Oh... you mean polka? I love polka!!!"

"Uh... yeah. Well, there's a more general term than that... what is that called?"

"Uh... I don't get you. Polka's polka. Everybody loves polka! I love to get on my lederhosen and just..."

"No, not polka. Polka is a type of..."

"...and my grandmother likes to go with me and we eat sausages and pretzels and we dance and dance and..."

"It's music, you idiot! It's MUSIC!"

"Okay, okay! No need to yell... but I don't like that other stuff, I just like polka!"

"Fine, fine... I don't care what you like. Maybe someone else does, but I don't. If they want to listen to polka, fine with me. Personally, I think you should give some other kinds of music a try... maybe you'll learn something. Still, Polka is music. It's a type of music."


"And your (journal, diary, blog, community) is a weblog..."

"Uh... I don't get it."