April 6th, 2002


Maybe my life isn't so boring after all?! Naah...

Last weekend in Atlanta at Fantasm, I met a LJ user who's a domme. She has a $700,000 house over there that would be worth a very, very large fortune over in the Silicon Valley. She apologized ahead of time for the state of her house, which was immaculate and just insanely beautiful inside, thanks in no small part to the work of her live-in slave... who, incidentally, added a huge spa room to the house, tiled from top to bottom.

I was offered a drink, so I grabbed a soda out of a beverage fridge, which was perfectly stocked all the way from the back to the front of the fridge with a large assortment of different types of drinks/sodas. This left the fridge with a gaping hole in its otherwise pristinely stocked state. I somehow think that the hole didn't stay there very long...

Which got me thinking that it would be an interesting thing if an open source project was based on dominant/submissive relationships. All we need are a handful of dominants spread throughout the world, overseeing a gaggle of submissive programmers. We could dress them up, and even shave all their heads and make them do things. It would be just like Heaven's Gate, only without the aliens and the applesauce... oh, and without the castration, too.

Submit (your code) to me!

and on a side note...

I recently discovered this old article in Salon by Annalee Newitz, comparing the ideas of open source and open sex.

Say salon just right, and your hair feels thicker, fuller, more manageable...

Annalee is a reporter out of San Francisco. Hm. Should get to know her sometime, and lead her on a tour of the "seedy underbelly" of LiveJournal.
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