March 1st, 2002


random Ribena ramblings...

Kirsten is asleep in bed and looking very cute indeed... I don't want to wake her, though, so I am having generic lemon-lime soda with Ribena ( a concentrated form of blackcurrant juice.) I >heart< Ribena every now and then... and it's nice having something around that approximates fruit juice, even if you have none about. Goes well with vodka in a pinch too...

You can get Ribena locally at Asian markets in the Bay Area, but I was poking around for affordable places to get it online and found the Jamaica Place Corner Shoppe. Not only do they have good prices on Ribena, they also have several other things of interest, such as fresh soursop, other English foods, Tiger Balm... quite a mix of different things from all over, really.

You can get jerk sauce to go with your cock soup.

Yes, Americans really do find such things amusing...

The nature of tragedy

A good friend of mine, after losing that which he valued most highly in life (a relationship), committed academic hari kari, thereby losing that which he valued second most highly in life. This makes me sad. The good news, however, is that all this might give him cause to reexamine those things he values. Perhaps he'll put something more valuable near the top of that list next time around.