February 23rd, 2002


Rejected slogans for the San Francisco 2012 Summer Olympics proposal...

"Unleash the flamer within."
"We've already got 10 percent of the committee's votes, and we didn't have to bribe anyone!"
"We might keep you up all night, but we promise not to knock on your door at 8 AM."
"We don't need to pay millions for security. We gave the Dykes-on-Bikes free tickets."
"Real beer. Real sex. Open all night. This is not Salt Lake City."
"We've got games pride!"
"If we recruit you, at least you won't have to tithe 10% of your income to us."
"The world's athletes are coming together."
"All live nude Greco-Roman wrestling!"
"We've added a few new colors to the Olympic rings!"