February 3rd, 2002


Gah of the day.

So... Today I replied to this person's post in a community with a different opinion... I make no reference to them in my post, nor do I say that they were wrong.

So... they ask me to hop on IM, (which, incidentally, isn't something I usually do for everyone)...

So... I hop on IM and they say:
them: can we talk?
me: sure... what's up?
them: whenevr I make a postin a community, and you respond, I feel that you a) misunderstand what i am saying and respond from that direction b) are condescending and c) are antagonistic
them: how can we remedy this?

to which I reply:
me: I don't know... if I agreed with everything you said, then I wouldn't have as much of a reason to respond, so in that sense you tend to only hear when I disagree or have a slightly different opinion.

I also make it clear that I was just posting my opinion, writing from the "I" perspective, without putting any kind of judgement on her.

So... they call me an ass and say "this is the main reason we are not friends any longer".

This, incidentally, is a person who I had previously dropped from my friends list a long time ago because they made several rude, insulting, and irrational outbursts.

A person who got very upset after being dropped from my friend's list.

A person who makes a habit of reading emotional context into logical statements.

A person who has a history of both attracting drama and antagonizing others.

A person who once urged their friends to email LiveJournal's owner in an attempt to get me fired from my job.

A person who wanted to hurt me, despite the fact that I was responsible for communities (such as theirs) existing in the first place, and that I went out of my way to considerably promote their communities.

A person who has never even met me.

A person who today (according to a friend), made a private post, insulting me and linking to my journal.

All I can say to those who have found their way here from this link is:
Hi there. I hope you're open minded. Obviously I have opinions that may not be the same as (aforementioned person), despite the fact that we agree on several other issues. However, when (aforementioned person) starts engaging in name-calling and insults, then they have clearly stepped over the line.

Since I help run this site, I refuse to hurl insults back. However, when (aforementioned person) took the obvious community name for a reasonably-sized group of people, they basically invited a world of dissenting opinion in, and in a fundamental way, it stopped being just their community.

Inviting dissenting opinion isn't the same as inviting enemies into one's midst, however... enemies are only created when a person overreacts, insults others, takes actions with an intent to cause harm in some way... essentially turning what should be valid differences of opinion into open hostility. If that was (aforementioned person)'s intent, they're going about it the right way.

Oh... punch and pie. I absolutely promise everyone punch and pie.