December 30th, 2001


rather hurt iceblink

Kirsten broke her wrist last night.

Kirsten and C. wanted to go out last night but decided to stay local, so I was dragged out to a local dance club I dislike, and Jeff came along as well... The music was definitely not of interest to me, and the club was kinda dead at the time, so I wandered off to the pool hall for pinball and, possibly, a good drink at a reasonable price. With any luck, I would come back to the club after a few good drinks and find that they had started playing something upstairs that I could groove on, or at least playing some '80s music that didn't suck.

Unfortunately, after only a few games of pinball, C. came in telling me that Kirsten fell and broke her wrist. I went back to the club to find her in a lot of pain, yet not fully appreciating all the pain as yet. She had slipped on one (of several) wet spots on the dance floor, apparently.

We all crammed into L.'s car for the hospital and I filled out all the paperwork for Kirsten, then joined her in the emergency section while the others waited outside. Spent a lot of time wiping her tears, holding her good hand, helping her blow her nose, etc.She was in a lot of pain and the whole process seemed to take forever, despite the lack of crowds and relatively raoid treatment.

Kirsten managed to break the major bone in her wrist and slightly fracture the other main one. What's worse, they needed to realign the bones before they put on a splint. Think lots of injections DEEP into the arm near the bone to numb the area. Think of seeing the person you've spent nearly half your life with screaming in pain like you've never seen her go through before, her wrist twisted out of its ordinary shape. It was very difficult to watch, because there wasn't a lot I could do to help her at times.

Fiinally, they splinted her arm and we were able to leave. The whole thing was quite quick, but it certainly felt a lot longer than it was. I helped her get situated on the bed and then went to the store, getting her a ton of her favorite finger foods. Everything is harder now for Kirsten, who has only one hand (not her dominant) to do the things that people take for granted, and most everything she does (or tries to do) hurts. She will apparently be laid up for 6-8 weeks.

Tired. Didn't get a lot of sleep last night taking care of Kirsten every few hours. Blah. Not how I envisioned spending New Year's Eve. Ah well...