November 4th, 2001



I was searching today for LiveJournal users who are interested in cricket and found a great post by imran, a LiveJournaler who works for a software company in Bangladesh. We should get him to write more often...

(Did I mention my interest in cricket? While working in promotions at KSJS, I met Stan Kent, an expatriot Brit who, after studying rocket science at Stanford, decided that the obvious thing to do was to open up a night club called One Step Beyond and bring over all the overseas bands. The next obvious thing to do was to arrange a cricket match at Spartan Stadium with Hunters and Collectors and form the Santa Clara Cricket Club. Kegs of Bass and watercress sandwiches were A Good Thing back in the Budweiser and blue jeans days of '87.

Today, the cricket club has become a Silicon Valley phenomena; a haven for overseas engineers from India and Pakistan. Stan, of course, did the obvious thing again, and now writes well-reviewed novels about foot fetishism...

He's a mixer. Hey, Stan.