October 11th, 2001


fegging out

Sundance Channel just showed Storefront Hitchcock. How surprising! Would love to see Robyn Hitchcock again someday... he's usually a human version of confuse-a-cat... and yet, strangely, he makes sense some of the time.

"We're all too busy watching massacres on cable TV... oh yeah..."

No interpretation needed.

Or, more locally ...

"in the aquarium, you stroked a greasy ray, just at the end of day, way down in Monterey..."

I want to go to camping near/on the coast soon... some isolated place with no external stimuli but the sound of the sea, the smell of coastal pines, and the warmth of a bonfire. Hmm... kelp cam in a few more minutes.

Looney Tunes politico

There was an old Warner Brothers cartoon...

A mouse was in a house, putting holes in the wall, eating the cheese, and basically doing mouse-like things...

So, the owner got a cat, which chased the mouse away, but clawed up the furniture and did obnoxious cat-like things.

So he got a dog, which scared off the cat... but the dog liked having his loud drinking buddies over for poker...

So he got an elephant, which scared the dog away -- but now he was stuck with an elephant in his house.

And so he got a mouse...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is U.S. foreign policy in a nutshell. Moral of the story? You can't always pick your neighbors. Learn to live with the mouse.