October 4th, 2001


less than broadband (in less than a city)

My broadband connectivity is from hell again -- Stupid Sprint. If I haven't read your email lately, well... that's why. What's worse, Sprint has been overcharging me $10 a month for their unbelievably crappy and inconsistant service that is invariably down late at night. (i.e. when I do much of my work.)

I guess I can call up Earthlink and get them to set up DSL for me, but I need them to change what we currently have on Kirsten's computer. I don't want PPPoE, if possible. I wrote Covad's PPPoE documentation, installation, and troubleshooting info... I know PPPoE... and I know all about how "always on" PPPoE isn't. I also don't want someone's overzealous connectivity software playing hazard with my system. Give me a nice thick pipe and get the hell outta my way.

I'd go for a cable modem, but AT&T is particularly clueless in San Jose. The heart of the Silicon Valley and it is one of two cities in the whole country using an old, crappy two cable system that doesn't allow for cable modems. AT&T raised the rates of everyone soon after they bought out TCI, but they've never updated the cable system, even though it is clearly outdated. I doubt they ever will, either. Ergo, they suck. It is a sad, sad thing just how little real competition there is in the heart of the supposedly most technical place in the world for these kinds of services.

Wish I lived someplace like Alameda, where the city provides many of the public services; better service, lower prices. The people running the City of San Jose are a bunch of imbeciles who dig up native oaks and pines and replace them with $30,000 palm trees which seem to die/fall over every six months. They commission politically correct sculptures that look like turds... and create truely hideous public buildings which they then paint using truely hideous colors.

Sorry. I rant. I needed it. It felt good. I go now...


Internet connectivity restored for now, and Sprint are crediting my account around $50. I suspect I will dump em soon anyways, but at least I can access my IMAP email, which is a good thing.

Damn. Connectivity shouldn't matter so much. It does, but it just shouldn't.